Threat of Severe Weather Later for Florida Panahndle

Day two of the severe weather outbreak was just as insane and deadly. This time, it was across areas including Alabama, Tennessee, and my old stomping grounds in Mississippi. Now the threat shifts SLIGHTLY east. I say that because this upper trough and surface storm system is not moving much. The moderate risk that the SPC has today is almost over the same areas impacted on Monday.

The SPC has the Tallahassee area and points west in the Florida panhandle under a 30 percent chance of seeing damaging winds and hail. The tornado threat is far less, but should not be completely ruled out.

Currently, radar is showing a line of thunderstorms slowly moving east across the panhandle (see below). It may take a little longer for this line to reach Tallahassee. BUT, this is not the severe threat that we are concerned about. In fact, this line is relatively benign.



Another round of possible severe storms could be expected tonight. Another disturbance around the storm system in the Midwest is expected to help provide the ingredients necessary for thunderstorm development later today and into tonight. This is also why portions of Mississippi and Alabama are not in the clear.

Some of the high-res guidance models are hinting at thunderstorms moving in tonight, but timing seems to be uncertain.

The greatest issue with the timing is that it’s expected to arrive during the overnight hours, which makes it hard to warn people. Everyone needs to have a weather radio and another source of getting warnings – preferably an app. There are apps such as MyWarn and  StormWatch+ that can alert you through your phone of approaching severe weather.

Keep an eye on my Twitter feed (@charles_roop) for any updates. I’ll be working today, and God knows when I’ll get out. I’ll try to make as many updates as possible when new data/info/advisories become available.

Stay safe, my friends!