Tornadoes, Flooding Impact Jackson County, Fla.

My friend and colleague Brittani DuBose and I took a trip to Jackson County, Fla. for work to look for any storm damage and flooding.

We first found water overflowing the banks at Spring Creek Park in Marianna. As we arrived there for the first time, men from the county came to block off entrances into the water to keep people from swimming and tubing in the water.

Later on, we contacted someone from the local emergency management and found some homes damaged from a likely tornado just south of Graceville.  The most impressive damage I noticed was a large, wooden shed that was moved by the twister.

On the way back to Spring Creek Park, we found that water levels were a bit higher than a couple of hours or so before.

Photos can be seen below in the gallery, and video from our expedition can be found  here.