Fla. Hurricane Shopping Tax Holiday Set

The Governor’s Hurricane Conference in Orlando, Fla. was not only a chance for meteorologists, emergency managers, officials, and media to meet and geek out (like I briefly had the chance to do last week), but it was a chance to showcase legislation. Florida Gov. Rick Scott signed a bill into law, creating a tax-free holiday for hurricane supplies.

The holiday, which is set for May 31 trough June 8, will allow people to purchase items such as flashlights under $20, batteries, and portable radios under $50 (see page 29 of the PDF for more items).

The bill is designed to encourage people to get ready for the upcoming hurricane season, which starts June 1.

Though experts don’t expect this season to be a rough one, those in Florida (and elsewhere along the east and gulf coasts) should prepare if it would be a bad season. It only takes one storm. Ready.gov has plenty of tips on what to do before, during, and after a storm.

As for retail stores preparing for the season, Home Depot is planning on having hurricane workshops at 700 of their stores from Texas to Maine on May 31. By the way, if you know of other store doing similar things, send me an email or message on social media.