NOAA Hurricane Awareness Tour Stops in Tallahassee

I felt like a child in a candy store today.

Nearing the end of the tour, NOAA brought two planes used to fly into hurricanes to Tallahassee Regional Airport today to help bring awareness of the upcoming hurricane season. Also stopping by were hurricane experts, including the National Hurricane Center director Dr. Rick Knabb (who I met last week at the Governor’s Hurricane Conference in Orlando).

They had the C-130 reconnaissance plane and the Orion P-3 jet aircraft used primarily for research.

It was awesome to meet these people and get a tour of the aircraft on site. I was there to cover it as a story and for the upcoming hurricane special I am helping to put together at work. The package that I shot and edited (it’s the 6 PM video) can be found here. Photos from the event can be found below.

The tour will make its last stop to Tampa International Airport tomorrow (Friday) and will be open to the public from 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm ET.