Your Florida Fourth of July Forecast

For folks in Tallahassee, it looks to be a good weather day for celebrating our Independence Day.

At the surface, a “cold” front will help dry things out today in the across the panhandle and Big Bend. In fact, the dewpoint in Tally (as of noon EDT) was 59F! It’s usually in the low 70s this time of year. This pattern is expected to stick around today and should be a nice day and evening for fireworks. Highs will likely be in the lower 90s with a few spots hitting the mid 90s.

I wish I could say the same thing for the peninsula, but people there are in the opposite end of the cold front. Rain chances remain elevated. The HRRR model runs are hinting at showers and thunderstorms developing across the peninsula through the day. In fact, the current Tampa Bay radar (below) shows scattered showers and storms already developing and moving northeast.


Keep an eye to the sky today and tonight! If you hear thunder, go indoors – you will be close enough to get hit by lightning. Highs in the peninsula will likely be in the upper 80s to lower 90s (depending on how much rain and cloud cover you get).