Crazy Live Feed from Hurricane Harvey Generates #blueshed Meme

As Hurricane Harvey made landfall Friday night north of Corpus Christi, Texas, veteran storm chaser Jeff Piotrowski started a live Periscope video feed as the madness of landfall was taking place.


He hid his vehicle in a car wash in Rockport, where radar scans showed the eye wall rocking the town with category-four, hurricane-force winds. There were pieces of roof flying around, and other structures failing in Harvey’s howling, unforgiving winds. But there was something I noticed but didn’t think much of at the time of the feed: Standing in front of him was a blue shed that held up fairly well in Harvey’s winds. Many others on social media noticed, too.

And so the jokes and memes came along.

Helicity Designs, who makes weather-themed apparel, decided to make their own shirts that pay homage to the little shed that could.

(HT to my wife, Damaris, for letting me know about the new shirt designs)

Hurricane Harvey is not done creating damage and risking people’s lives as threats of flooding, winds, and tornadoes grip Texas, but at least we got to pause and admire one blue shed to remind us about resiliency and strength in the face of a major disaster.