Update: New hosting service and life stuff

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Hello, visitors!

If you have been trying to reach this website since mid/late March 2024 and found the place to be in disarray, then there as a reason for that.

Because of increasing costs from a web hosting service I’ve been using since ~2019, I decided to jump ship and move to another hosting service. I haven’t had the time and energy to repair it until today.

I was able to repair a few broken images on some pages and blog posts.

I really hope to post more on the website down the road, but there are no guarantees because of a busy life of full-time work, trying to keep myself healthy, be a parent and husband, and study for the Security+ certification and exam (more on that down the road).

What’s been helping me study so far is working on the Google Cybersecurity Certificate. I’m about to wrap up the first course, and it’s going well so far.

Please send me an email (charles(at)charleseroop.com) if you see something off on the webpage.