How-to: Installing Parrot OS in a Virtual Machine

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I recently came across a social media post about another Linux distribution that has tools for those into hacking. It’s not Kali Linux – I’m already aware of that one. This is one called Parrot OS.

The OS, which had its initial release in 2013, touted that it’s designed for developers, security specialists, network administration, and hackers.

One feature Parrot OS has is the Tor browser. This browser keeps web usage anonymous by hopping traffic from one location to another. It’s known in the mainstream for use in the dark web, but it’s known for its use in regions where censorship is prevalent.

Above is a video I made on how to install it on the virtual machine (what is a virtual machine?) software Parallels. I installed Parrot OS with few problems compared to Oracle’s VirtualBox.

Oracle’s VM software is free, but Parallels will set a user at least $100 after a trial period.

My experience is limited since I’ve only used the Linux distribution in Hack the Box, but I hope to explore Parrot OS a bit more in the near future.

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